What didn’t go well: 2012 resolutions

I like to revisit my resolutions each year to see how I did. Normally, I do this privately, but since I actually accomplished my resolution of relaunching this site, I’m doing it publicly. This first post is only on the parts that didn’t go well.

My usual fitness resolution was somewhat all over the place. My weight fluctuated by about 15 pounds this year, but I’m ending on the heavier side. I’m eating healthier than I ever have, but portion control is a problem, as is the lack of sufficient exercise.

My usual Japanese learning one didn’t go well either. I’m still learning more kanji, but at a glacial pace. I catch occasional words and phrases in Japanese media, but I don’t understand much.

I had a few goals that I really thought would be no problem. I wanted to watch more movies in the theaters with the wife, but didn’t make it out to many this year. There were quite a few good movies out, and I did make it out to Muppets, Avengers, and Dark Knight Rises, but I expected to see many more. Perhaps we spent too much time in front of the TV.

I also thought I would have no problem with cooking more. I love cooking. And I’m good at it too (or people I cook for are crafty liars and only I like my food). But alas, I didn’t do much cooking and didn’t try many new recipes (in my many cookbooks).

Last year, I really got back into reading and completed about a book a month. Heavy readers will think this isn’t much, but I’ve found almost everybody I know hardly reads any more. My goal was increased from a book a month to 30 books for this year. But I actually read less. Despite enjoying them, I spent more than half the year getting through Games of Thrones and its sequel. Some day I’ll get to writing about those and other books I’ve been reading. But unless I finish a book in the next couple days, I only can say I read seven for this year. I also only finished eight video games, but I’ll get more into that in a future update.

A couple other resolutions eluded me as well, but there is good news! I did well on several. I’ll have another entry covering what I did well on. So look forward to that soon. If all goes well, I might even include charts!

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