Concept art begins

I designed four heroes for my mini MOBA as well as a base, towers, and two creeps. Since I’m not talented with art and I’m new to Unity, I of course would be sure to design things simple to develop and animate, right? Well, not really. But I can always dial back on the designs when I build them.

Despite that I’ve played in a few MOBAs, it’s actually not hugely difficult to come up with unique heroes. There will of course be some easy comparisons to make. There can only be so many archers, fire mages, big hulking tanks that have their own unique kits. It’s a fun challenge to try to break out of those molds and come up with something new.

Instead of looking into MOBAs or other video games for inspiration, I thought about some interesting ideas I’ve had in my tabletop Pathfinder games. That opens up many concepts I might not have otherwise considered.

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