Halfway through Unity 2D training

I’m about halfway through the training now and it has indeed been quite fun. The training helps you build a simple 2D platformer featuring a spaceman collecting crystals, alien artifacts, and avoiding enemy aliens.

The 2D tools in Unity are really simple to use. There are some quirks to look out for though. Even though the tools make building a simple 2D game almost drag-and-drop, you’re still working in a physics engine so every component comes with a certain amount of baggage, which may be good or bad depending on your goals. I suspect after spending more time in the tools this will be no big deal as I’ll always know how to work around or change the existing behaviors.

One thing I’m proud of so far is that while the training has you build keyboard input, I added on controller input. Unity makes this simple of course, but this is the first thing I wrote myself in this endeavor.

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