It begins with Unity 2D

I’ve been curious about making a video game for a long time now. I made some tiny games in college, but that feels like a lifetime ago. The tools have changed completely and there is now more support online than there ever has been with an amazing indie community as well.

Unity logoToday, I signed up for the free trial on Lynda so that I could take the Unity 2D Essential Training. I haven’t had much time to get through the course yet, but the tools in Unity are really powerful. This will be fun.

But not too fun. This sobering article on Gamasutra has some harsh truths about indie development myths. It’s worth a read if you have delusions of grandeur. I just want to make something for myself so I don’t mind if I fail or nobody likes (or even plays) it.

With each of these entries in my private files, I’m keeping track of the time and money I spend on this project. In future posts, I will collect the data and publish it, perhaps with pretty graphs.

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