Game development pause

I do still want to learn more game development. But my life has taken some turns since earlier this year. The biggest one is that the boys growing older (13.5 months now) means they need more attention, or at least more invested attention. It’s not just holding, feeding, and diapers now. And that mental energy means I may not have the desire to learn something at 9pm after everyone has gone to sleep.

The other huge change is that I now work at Lyons Consulting Group. I’m still doing e-commerce sites and I’ll be able to announce the one I’m working on when it launches.

I suspect I’ll get back to learning game development soon as the itch is returning. But I won’t be working on the mini-MOBA idea. I still think it’s a good idea and something achievable by a very small team, or even one person. But as I researched online functionality, I realized that’s not my interest. I don’t enjoy coding those features as much as the rest of a game (i.e. the actual game).

I have a few other ideas for things to work on. I just have to pick one that I’ll be happy doing as a tiny (and probably ugly) game.

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