Goodbye 2016

I didn’t do any blogging this year. That’s probably for the best. This year has had a lot of ups and downs. For my kids, mostly ups. They are doing fantastic. Though they are behind on some milestones, they are intelligent and super happy. What more could a dad ask for?

In other aspects of my life, 2016 was not so great. And for the world at large, 2016 was horrific. Our next President is already hard at work to make the world a terrible place before he’s even in office. We saw more high profile celebrity deaths in any year I can remember. The world is showing many more ways that climate change is hurting us. Things were just rough.

But let’s not dwell on that. I’m trying to focus on being positive, even if that means ignoring the negative things I have no control over. Looking back over the year, here are some things I find are worth a mention:

  • My job at Lyons didn’t work out, but I am now a contractor with Moku Collective. There are a lot of great people there (great clients too). It’s a good place for me.
  • My pirates-themed Pathfinder game fell apart, but we are now having a lot of fun playing through Mummy’s Mask. I don’t foresee any problems with us finishing this at this time. And my 3D terrain and lighting is better than ever.
  • I didn’t read many books this year, but Brandon Sanderson gave me my two favorites of 2016: The Bands of Mourning, and Mistborn: Secret History. I love the Mistborn series. Go read them so we can chat about how great they are.
  • I helped out my friends at Ding develop some video game ideas. We didn’t publish anything but I learned a lot and had fun.
  • I played many video games and even finished nine of them. Of those, I have to mention three for different reasons:
    • The Stanley Parable. It’s best to go into this game with no knowledge of what’s within. Just play it. You can beat it very quickly and there are multiple stories so you will enjoy playing it numerous times.
    • Ultimate Chicken Horse. Single screen multiplayer games are mostly a thing of the past. So when a good one comes along, I have to mention it. This is a great party game that I can’t rightfully explain. Look up a video to see the mayhem and then pick it up.
    • Dark Souls 3. I’m still torn on whether I consider this one better or worse than the first Dark Souls. I’m still tempted to put the original on top, but they are quite close. I can’t wait to dive back in for the DLC once it’s all released.
  • I played two dozen tabletop games. The one that deserves the biggest mention is Pandemic: Legacy. It’s a story version consisting of 12-24 games of Pandemic with the rules changing every game or so to reflect the story progression. It’s one of the highest rated games on boardgamegeek and for good reason. I highly recommend this to any group of seasoned tabletop gamers. For the relative newbies, pick up the original Pandemic which is also great.
  • For TV, movies, and anime, a few things deserve mention:
    • Evangelion movie 3 was just not good. I keep trying to think of a way for it to be good because of my love for the series but I can’t. I hope movie 4 gets back on track.
    • One-Punch Man is my favorite anime in years. I highly recommend it for fans of humorous action.
    • Zootopia is one of my favorite movies in a long time. It seems like this year had a lot of good animated features but I’m quite behind. Hopefully I’ll catch them next year.
    • I caught up on quite a few movies I missed out on: Rumble in the Bronx, Way of the Dragon, Spies Like Us, and Training Day. All worth a watch
    • The new Voltron on Netflix is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect that, but I highly recommend it.

So 2016 wasn’t all bad. I’m planning 2017 now and I’m trying to double down on the things that make me happy (time with friends and family) and cut way down on the things that don’t (wasting time on the internet mainly). I don’t call them resolutions any more, but I’ll post about my 2017 plans in a few days once I’ve finished them.


Game development pause

I do still want to learn more game development. But my life has taken some turns since earlier this year. The biggest one is that the boys growing older (13.5 months now) means they need more attention, or at least more invested attention. It’s not just holding, feeding, and diapers now. And that mental energy means I may not have the desire to learn something at 9pm after everyone has gone to sleep.

The other huge change is that I now work at Lyons Consulting Group. I’m still doing e-commerce sites and I’ll be able to announce the one I’m working on when it launches.

I suspect I’ll get back to learning game development soon as the itch is returning. But I won’t be working on the mini-MOBA idea. I still think it’s a good idea and something achievable by a very small team, or even one person. But as I researched online functionality, I realized that’s not my interest. I don’t enjoy coding those features as much as the rest of a game (i.e. the actual game).

I have a few other ideas for things to work on. I just have to pick one that I’ll be happy doing as a tiny (and probably ugly) game.

First day at new job

Today is my first day at Precision Design Studios. I don’t have a lot to say just yet. I’m excited and anxious, pretty much the way I am about any positive change in my life. I’m looking forward to meeting the folks at Precision and learning the ropes.

During my little vacation I gave myself between jobs I saw a lot of friends and family. Thanks for the good time before I get back to the grind!

And as said grind gets back on track, expect to see more on this blog. I just unearthed some of the in-progress blog posts from before the blog disappeared, so I even already have content.

New job ho!

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. I’ve been at Schneider-Electric (formerly APC) for 7 years and a few months. But it’s time for a change. So I began looking for a job earlier this year and eventually settled on a small web company based in Smithfield (for now).

I’ll get more into my new job in a future post, but for now I just want to publicly thank my friends at Schneider and formerly at Schneider for years of good times. There is a part of me that will miss those times, but I’m looking forward to new horizons.

It’s a very weird experience. Despite that this is a choice I’m making, my animal brain is still making me feel nervous and anxious about the change. I’m definitely looking forward to the break I set up between jobs to do a major reset and recharge.