Welcome to the world, my babies

It’s been a while since I posted here. But now, more than ever, I have things to talk about. On October 14, 2014, Christina and I welcomed our beautiful twin boys to the world, Zachary and Julian. It was a day both wonderful and stressful, amazing and terrifying. Most days since then have been the same.

It’s been almost three months since then and the little guys are now experts at smiling, eating, and peeing. They also excel at stealing my sleep time, and free time, and time in general. But it’s worth it.

This site isn’t turning into baby central, I promise. For that, you have to know me and friend me on Facebook. But you will see the occasional Brownell boy post, particularly if they do something awesome or adorable.

My focus will be on saying something with meaning, something worth saying. To me, anyway. You all may still find it quite boring. And that’s fine. My next post will be about heart defects, in particular the one my boy Zachary was born with and the experience we went through to fix it.

Resolution: lose weight

I managed to keep my weight steady in 2013 but in the early days of this year gained some more. Several days ago I was at my highest ever: 240.

I’m going to have a series of goals this year to get to a lower weight. I don’t want to have an overall goal for the year because if it looks like I won’t achieve it due to early year setbacks, it will discourage me.

I set my first goal a few days ago to lose 5 pounds. I only have 3.3 pounds to go.

Farewell 2013

Yes, I waited a year or so in between blog posts. And this despite that I had resolved to blog more. Silly me.

It turns out blogging is pretty much dead, at least in the sense that many people maintain personal blogs about themselves or whatever they feel like talking about. Even Twitter now has more niche services aimed specifically at teens or other groups fighting for its supremacy.

But I do still want to post here and much more often. And I don’t even care who’s reading.

2013 was a good year for me. The most important event was buying a house. This has been a dream for Christina and me for years. We saved and saved, even more than we needed, and ended up with a fantastic little house. We’re in a great location and it’s perfect for entertaining or just having a quiet night at home.

The main thing I really made no progress on this year was losing weight. According to my records, I lost .4 pounds, so no change at all, but at least I didn’t get bigger.

I also recorded every game, TV show, anime, movie, and book I read. This is fun for me. Yes, really. I actually didn’t finish any new video games this year, which is strange. I have a habit of leaving games unfinished but this year was particularly bad. I blame League of Legends as it took a lot of my gaming time.

I finished 13 books, mostly setting/rules books for my Pathfinder games. The most important book I read was The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. This book and the lecture that preceded it went viral several years ago, but it’s never too late to take the core messages away from Randy’s words. Have fun, follow your dreams, and make the most of life. Sappy? Sure. But still correct.

I watched quite a few movies this year, though I wanted to make more trips to the theaters. Call me old-fashioned but I enjoy seeing movies with the public. I can’t pick just one movie to comment about to here are a few:

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness. I enjoyed this, as a popcorn movie and as a Star Trek movie. The original Star Trek series and some of its movies get put on a pedestal that no new movie could ever reach. I think the original series was corny as hell. I enjoy the original and reboot for different reasons.
  • Thor: The Dark World. Christina is a major Loki fangirl. But beyond that, I liked this movie, especially as an action comic book movie. Film critics and average movie-goers alike commonly forget that comic books are typically about people punching other people. Almost every plot in Marvel/DC comics are an excuse to have people punch other people. In that sense, this movie delivered. And the plot behind the punching was good enough for me.
  • Evil Dead. This reboot was great. Highly recommended for fans of classic horror with a bit of a gruesome twist.
  • Someone’s Gaze (Dareka no Manazashi). An animated short that I found super touching.

To wrap up my 2013 resolutions, I didn’t go hiking or do as much cooking as I wanted, though Christina has cooked quite a bit since we moved into the house. 2014 is looking bright. With the house out of the way, we can focus on saving money for whatever surprises await us.

What didn’t go well: 2012 resolutions

I like to revisit my resolutions each year to see how I did. Normally, I do this privately, but since I actually accomplished my resolution of relaunching this site, I’m doing it publicly. This first post is only on the parts that didn’t go well.

My usual fitness resolution was somewhat all over the place. My weight fluctuated by about 15 pounds this year, but I’m ending on the heavier side. I’m eating healthier than I ever have, but portion control is a problem, as is the lack of sufficient exercise.

My usual Japanese learning one didn’t go well either. I’m still learning more kanji, but at a glacial pace. I catch occasional words and phrases in Japanese media, but I don’t understand much.

I had a few goals that I really thought would be no problem. I wanted to watch more movies in the theaters with the wife, but didn’t make it out to many this year. There were quite a few good movies out, and I did make it out to Muppets, Avengers, and Dark Knight Rises, but I expected to see many more. Perhaps we spent too much time in front of the TV.

I also thought I would have no problem with cooking more. I love cooking. And I’m good at it too (or people I cook for are crafty liars and only I like my food). But alas, I didn’t do much cooking and didn’t try many new recipes (in my many cookbooks).

Last year, I really got back into reading and completed about a book a month. Heavy readers will think this isn’t much, but I’ve found almost everybody I know hardly reads any more. My goal was increased from a book a month to 30 books for this year. But I actually read less. Despite enjoying them, I spent more than half the year getting through Games of Thrones and its sequel. Some day I’ll get to writing about those and other books I’ve been reading. But unless I finish a book in the next couple days, I only can say I read seven for this year. I also only finished eight video games, but I’ll get more into that in a future update.

A couple other resolutions eluded me as well, but there is good news! I did well on several. I’ll have another entry covering what I did well on. So look forward to that soon. If all goes well, I might even include charts!

12 comments, all spam

I’ve gotten 12 comments on this new blog so far. Each time I see a comment has been posted, I squeal with excitement. But alas, it’s just wordpress spammers.

Leave me some legit comments folks. Yes I realize I’ve been boring, but I’m working on it. Here’s an image from FLCL. See? Less boring now.

FLCL image

First day at new job

Today is my first day at Precision Design Studios. I don’t have a lot to say just yet. I’m excited and anxious, pretty much the way I am about any positive change in my life. I’m looking forward to meeting the folks at Precision and learning the ropes.

During my little vacation I gave myself between jobs I saw a lot of friends and family. Thanks for the good time before I get back to the grind!

And as said grind gets back on track, expect to see more on this blog. I just unearthed some of the in-progress blog posts from before the blog disappeared, so I even already have content.

New job ho!

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. I’ve been at Schneider-Electric (formerly APC) for 7 years and a few months. But it’s time for a change. So I began looking for a job earlier this year and eventually settled on a small web company based in Smithfield (for now).

I’ll get more into my new job in a future post, but for now I just want to publicly thank my friends at Schneider and formerly at Schneider for years of good times. There is a part of me that will miss those times, but I’m looking forward to new horizons.

It’s a very weird experience. Despite that this is a choice I’m making, my animal brain is still making me feel nervous and anxious about the change. I’m definitely looking forward to the break I set up between jobs to do a major reset and recharge.

And I’m back

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging, or any kind of web publishing really. I don’t count twitter, etc. It’s hard to believe that at one point I was writing content on multiple sites, writing my blog, and doing multiple jobs. But a while ago I decided to dedicate more of my free time to me.

I dedicated so much time to me that I just let my sites slide away into nonexistence. I’ll bring my other sites back up soon, simply as archives, but what I really want is to bring my blog back.

I’ve got books, games, and other assorted goodies I just need to write about. I hope I can attract my audience of billions of readers, but I’m not worried if not. I just want to write quality content, largely for my own sake. If it makes a few of you folks happy too, all the better.

For now, I’m going to leave my old blog content in the ether. As you may be able to tell, I’m using WordPress now. I haven’t done a lot to customize it, but I will. I never gave the blogging software I wrote the attention it deserved so it pales in comparison to WordPress and similar tools. When I first started blogging, it was easy to outdo the available software. Now, I can’t imagine trying to build something that does what WordPress, Drupal, and other tools are capable of.

So that’s that. I’m back. Expect to see plenty of awesome coming from this space. I have some major news (for me) that I haven’t talked about publicly yet. Expect to hear about that soon.